May have more dungeons than Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo Is Already Recruiting for New Zelda Game

Many of you still may not have even scratched the surface of what The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has to offer on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U (I know I still haven’t), despite it releasing over a year ago. However, it seems that Nintendo have already put plans into motion for the next Legend of Zelda game.

To be fair, it makes sense for Nintendo to get the ball rolling now, because a game such as Breath of the Wild took many years to make and all the hard work paid off, which resulted in one of the best games in recent times and one of the many awesome exclusives that the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

Thanks to Twitter user BlackKite, they spotted an advert for a level designer to work within The Legend of Zelda franchise. The job would require the would-be employee to have knowledge of Japanese and having “game planner” experience working on console titles. The position would also require the employee to handle designing of mechanical elements for dungeons, events, field interaction, as well as enemies.


However, as the development of this Legend of Zelda game is very much in its early stages (if it’s truly started at all), it is possible that the title may be for the Nintendo 3DS and not the Nintendo Switch, only time will tell.

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