No Man’s Sky’s Multiplayer Has A Griefing Problem 

No Man’s Sky’s most recent (and biggest) update, entitled NEXT, has renewed people’s interest in the game which is now a lot closer to the version we all thought we’d get at launch in 2016. 

Although NEXT has generally been pretty well received, it’s still far from perfect, but it’s not all down to developer Hello Games. 

No Man’s Sky’s newly-introduced multiplayer mode allows for other players to join you in your exploration of the galaxy, but it seems not everyone wants to play nicely… 

Originally designed to introduce co-operative exploration into the game, players have been pretty disappointed to find that the expansive world of No Man’s Sky is just full of people out to cause grief. 

Players joining your game can attack you and can even delete parts of your base, definitely putting a dampener on the No Man’s Sky experience. 

A Reddit user by the name of CALLxMExACE recently posted to the r/NoMansSkyTheGame subreddit warning: “There is nothing alerting players to this, while the rest of the game acts as if permissions are changeable. Idk why we aren’t keeping discussions relating to this near the top each day. 

“You can search other posts and see people realizing this after being a victim of griefing. 

“ANYONE can come by and delete your base with the delete feature, they can also remove the terrain beneath your base. 

“I want to play with people but not if I have to babysit my base the entire time and kick players who get close. 

“I have an issue forcing a multiplayer game to be solo play only. I can only play with my fiancé. Should a stranger join by random, I’m forced to kick them. Meet new travelers [sic] now? I hope not! You don’t know who’s joining your session/group post to grief or will do so down the road, can’t imagine running into someone in travel.” 

Players are calling out for Hello Games to introduce some measures to stop the game’s griefing problem, suggesting fixes including set base permissions of Public, Friends or Private. 

Speaking to Kotaku, director Sean Murray has said it’s an isolated incident, adding:  “I believe this is partly because of how our matchmaking works in the background, and also because griefing is not rewarded in No Man’s Sky.” 

He confirmed Hello Games will be looking into implementing a way to stop the game’s griefing problems.