You can Complete We Happy Few in Just 2 Minutes, Here’s How

It feels like we’ve been waiting for the release of ‘We Happy Few’ for years. Well, to be fair, we actually have.

All the way back on 4 June 2015, Compulsion Games started a campaign on Kickstarter in an attempt to raise $200,000 to fund the development of the game. They smashed their target, with 7,433 backers contributing towards their final total of $266,163.

The release date for the game is now upon us (10th August) and we have managed to find out a way that you can complete the game in a matter of minutes. Check it out below:

Spoiler warning

YouTube video

If you are looking forward to playing the game as much as we are. The full game that is, not just the two minute version! You can buy it here:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

The game also nearly got banned in Australia earlier this year however the decision on this was reversed after some changes were made.

We Happy Few looks like it could be one of the horror games of the year and we can’t wait to explore the strange but enthralling world that Compulsion Games has created.

Here is a first look at the gameplay for the game:

YouTube video

Will you be picking up the game for yourself or will you be waiting for a different horror game to come along?

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