No, Soulja Boy Doesn’t Now Own Atari, Despite Rapper’s Claims

Look, Soulja Boy’s involvement with the video game industry was already super weird. However, now the rapper is claiming that he owns Atari. Y’know? One of the biggest video game brands of all time? Yeah, that Atari.

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Credit: Atari

During a recent live stream, Soulja Boy claimed he was “the first rapper to own a video game company” while also stating that he’s Atari’s new apparent owner:

“…they signed me to a deal at Atari. Big shout out to Atari, the whole staff, I’m about to revamp the company, we going to take Atari to the next level… I am now the owner of Atari. I own the video game company Atari.

They was real proud of me and what I did with the Soulja Boy Game console, you know what I’m saying. I blew Soulja Boy Game up.

We about to sell the company for, like, what was it, 100… I think I’m gonna get $140 million… I’m finally getting $140 million from Soulja Boy Game, so… Atari reached out and I just signed a deal with Atari… I signed two deals with Atari… I’m the owner.

Is Soulja Boy the new owner of Atari?

Pretty bold claim, right? Well, Atari thinks so too. As you’d expect, the company responded to the rapper’s news by clarifying that Wade Rosen, Atari’s current CEO, is still at the helm. While the Tweet below doesn’t explicitly call Soulja Boy out, it does help to dismiss the rapper’s random remarks.

It’s also needless to say that even if the musician somehow did become Atari’s new owner, it probably wouldn’t be because of his “Soulja Game” venture. What’s that? You’ve never heard of Soulja Game? Well, to summarise, the brand is essentially the rapper’s own foray into the console industry. Although, you probably won’t find one of the artist’s devices at your local game shop, especially since they usually come preloaded with a bunch of Nintendo ROMs.

So, why is Soulja Boy claiming he’s now the owner of Atari? Well, frankly, we have no idea. It’s worth mentioning that the rapper hasn’t made the claim anywhere besides his Instagram live feed. Although, he did “like” an article related to the claims. Let’s just hope someone hasn’t somehow tricked the 31-year old into thinking he’s striking some sort of big video game deal. Although, it’s more likely that the rapper is simply trying to crank our chain.

Credit: Instagram/SouljaGameConsole/SouljaBoy
Credit: Instagram/SouljaGameConsole/SouljaBoy

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Featured Image Credit: Atari