Obsidian Responds To Outer Worlds Fan With ‘Challenge’ Of A Free Game Key

A developer at Obsidian Entertainment has won the internet in a wholesome story that just keeps on giving. This tale comes from Polygon, who reported on the viral story of a Fallout 2 player/Outer Worlds fan who decided to approach Obsidian about its Epic Store exclusivity for TOW.

The gamer, known as tuxedojack on Reddit, provided Polygon with a copy of the support ticket they submitted to Obsidian regarding The Outer Worlds, and it reads as follows:

Credit: Obsidian Entertainment

“In 1998, Feargus Urquhart sent me a copy of Fallout 2 because I emailed Black Isle and said my parents couldn’t afford to buy it for me. That’s a real thing that happened (and a super weird story in retrospect). Now, 20+ years later as a tax paying adult, I am ready, willing and able to spend money on the latest title from my absolute favorite developers — and it’s exclusive on PC to the Epic Games Store for a f*cking YEAR? Dude this suuuuuucks. I’ve invested thousands of dollars into my Steam library, and I really don’t want to have to download the Epic launcher. Please don’t make me.

“Mr. Urquhart — if I repay my debt to you from 1998, can we somehow reduce that exclusivity wait? I can paypal you immediately for F2 — plus interest from the last 21 years.”

Credit: Obsidian Entertainment

What happened next has warmed the hearts of the community, as against all odds, Mr. Urguhart responded to the ticket with the following email:

Hey Jon,

That is amazing that you remember that, and I’m glad that you did. I think I’m going to ‘help you out’ again. Here’s a key to the Epic Game Store for The Outer Worlds. I’m not saying this is a challenge or anything, but what will you do?”

Credit: Obsidian Entertainment

The story continues to get even more wholesome from there, as the user decided to “accept” the challenge – by giving out the code for free on Reddit. Nawwww!

tuxedojack explained to Polygon that the Epic Games Store exclusivity wasn’t an actual issue, and that he already had purchased the game through their client. Instead, he just wanted to know if the company remembered sending him Fallout 2. Honestly, it’s pretty heartwarming to hear that they did, and also that they’re not against helping out the community even now.

Credit: Epic Games

Obsidian truly are the good guys!

Featured Image Credit: Obsidian Entertainment