Oh No, The ‘Deer & Boy’ Trailer Is Definitely Making Me Cry

Lifeline Entertainment has released a trailer for its upcoming “cinematic platformer” called Deer & Boy, and it’s really getting me feeling lots of different emotions.

The trailer shows a young boy running away from home by escaping out of his bedroom window. He makes his way to the countryside where he runs into a lone deer out in the cold wilderness. The trailer then timelapses as the two go on an adventure together. 

There’s a really emotional bit towards the end where the two share a solemn hug. I’m not crying, definitely not. Check out the trailer below (and thanks to my friend, Crakie, for showing it to me).

YouTube video

Deer & Boy is a poetic cinematic platformer where you follow the journey of a boy who, after a tragic event, decides to escape his own fate of reality,” reads the Steam store page description. 

In this runaway, he will meet a fawn and eventually tame it. The animal will gradually grow throughout the story and will become an essential and protective companion. This deer will help the boy to find the strength to rebuild himself and finally emerge grown up from this experience.

Solve puzzles and avoid enemies standing in your way. Their friendship, stronger after each pitfall, will push them to develop new and increasingly diverse skills.

Deer & Boy doesn’t currently have a release date attached to it. If you follow the Steam page you’ll be able to see new updates for it as they develop.


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Featured Image Credit: Lifeline Entertainment