One Of Apex Legends’ Top Players Wanted Octane Nerfed Before He Even Came Out

Livestreamer Shroud has spoken out about Apex Legends and the addition of the first new Legend, Octane.

Shroud has revealed just how involved in the Apex experience he was, admitting that he initially played the game nearly a year ago, and got to test-play with both Octane and upcoming leaked character, Wattson.

The professional player was asked to test and provide feedback to Respawn before the game’s launch, and he confessed that both Octane and Wattson have been playable for a pretty long time.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

According to Shroud, the plan was for Wattson to be released within the game’s first season, but he also admitted that Octane was more fun to play. However, the Octane we’ll all be playing with won’t be the same as the one Shroud tested.

He confessed that he suggested to Respawn that they re-balance Octane, nerfing him so he’s slower to make sure he’s a balanced addition to the game.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Check out Shroud in the videos below! [via Dexerto].

Of course, Shroud got pretty tight-lipped when it came to talking about Wattson, who was discovered by data miners and is yet to be introduced into the game. He did, however, heavily suggest that the leaks about the character are correct.

The highly-anticipated Season One of Apex Legends launched on March 19, and it’s only going to get bigger and better from now on.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Interestingly, people suspect that Octane might be taking inspiration from Titanfall, which shares a universe with Apex.

Over on Twitter, an Apex leaks account said: “Lots of people think that Octane might actually be based on the player that got the 12.4 second run in the Titanfall 2 gauntlet.

“We learned that Octane gained his speed with a grenade blast on his gauntlet run, same way as gauntlet record holder Cash Mayo did.”

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment.