Twitch Streamer Gets Lengthy Ban For Using A Word He Didn’t Know Was Offensive

A Twitch streamer by the name of Cloneman16 has taken to Twitter to explain to his fans why he’s been absent from streaming, and it’s caused a lot of controversy.

Cloneman16, real name James D’Arcangelo, claims he’s been slapped with a 30 day ban for “hateful conduct,” after he used a word that he later claimed to not know the meaning of [via Dexerto].

Credit: Twitch

The streamer tweeted saying“Sadly I’ve been suspended for 30 days on twitch, going to try and fix this. It was for hateful conduct for the word ‘m*ngoloid’. I didn’t know the true meaning of it till now and I would like to apologize for this.”

The term, which is sometimes used to belittle people with Down’s Syndrome, is considered to be highly offensive.

Credit: Twitch

The Overwatch streamer, who has over four thousand followers on Twitter, soon had fans flocking to defend him, with hundreds of people tweeting to Twitch and comparing this situation to other shocking Twitch behaviours.


One fan branded it an “awful ban,” tagging Twitch in the tweet. Another called it “SAD.”

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Twitch has yet to respond on the situation. Do you think this is a justified ban?

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