One Piece World Seeker Press Kit Unboxing

Special editions have become common place in the world of gaming these days. Sometimes the press and influencers are sent slightly different variants of collectors editions to show off to their fans. With One Piece World Seeker that is exactly what has happened. It would be a shame to not show it off, as the Luffy figurine, which is very similar to the what will be appearing in the collector’s edition that is getting released, is particularly lovely.

What will be in the collector’s edition available to the public? You’ll get the full game and a season pass along with a soundtrack composed by Kohei Tanaka. You’ll also get a full scale replica of the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit and a 21cm figurine of Luffy, both with stands, along with a box to put them all in… although why would you do that? Surely you’d want it all out on display? You’ll also get some in game items for pre-ordering including costumes and a mission.

You can check out our unboxing of our press kit below, to get a closer look at the quality of some of the items you’ll be getting your hands on. You can find out more about the One Piece World Seeker – The Pirate King Edition by following this link.

YouTube video

If you’re a One Piece fan then you might also be interested to know that a live-action project has been listed on Netflix’s site. Netflix’s history of live action anime adaptations is pretty average at the moment. Maybe One Piece could be the one that bucks the trend?

You can also see some of One Piece World Seeker in action by watching the below video. Please keep in mind this was captured last year at Gamescom, so things might’ve changed since then.

YouTube video

Featured image credit: Bandai Namco