Spoiler! Elden Ring is quite difficult.

Over 50% Of Elden Ring PC Players Have Beat The First Boss

According to the Steam achievements, just over 50% of PC players have beat the first major boss in Elden Ring. However, there’s a good reason.

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Elden Ring was released around two weeks ago for PC and consoles. Despite being very early in 2022, it’s already looking to be a clear standout for this year’s game of the year. It seems that veteran Soulsborne and new players alike have been venturing into the Lands Between.

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Everybody knows that titles from FromSoftware offer a steep difficulty and learning curve, and Elden Ring is no exception. After all, FromSoftware’s sense of accomplishment is all part of the studio’s identity.

That being said, as reported by TechRadar, the Steam achievements gives us an indication of how difficult some players are finding Elden Ring. At the time of writing, the Steam data reveals that around 55% of players have beat Godrick the Grafted. He is considered to be the first major boss of the game.

If you fail, come back stronger!

However, 55% is a little misleading. It is often encouraged in Soulsborne games that when you get your backside whopped, you go away, kill easier enemies, level up and come back for round two. Furthermore, around 54% have beaten Godrick on PS4 and PS5.


It’s worth keeping in mind that Elden Ring is a huge game, so players will spend a lot of time exploring the world to not only level up but also discover secrets and more powerful weapons.

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Another boss, who most players will encounter before Godrick, is Margit the Fell Omen, who you may have met during the Network test. According to the Steam achievement data, an impressive 6% of players have kicked his backside.

If you’re struggling in the Lands Between, then GameByte has you covered with loads of helpful Elden Ring guides


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