Top Twitch Streamer Gets Death Threat Causing Him To “Stay Indoors”

As fun as a Twitch stream can be, it can sometimes get pretty tough for those in front of the camera. By allowing the whole world to see into their homes or studios, Twitch streamers can be inviting a whole heap of trouble right to their front door. As we’ve seen in the past, it can get pretty dangerous.

The latest Twitch streamer to fall victim to their “fans” is Jaryd Lazar, best known as Summit1g.

Credit: Summit1g


In a recent stream, the popular Twitch star admitted he’s not left his home following a death threat.

Summit1g told his viewers: “Somebody gave me a death threat boys, so I’m just going to make sure I’m staying indoors for the next few days…

“I’ve contacted the police, they’re working with Twitch. That’s all I can really do.”

Credit: Summit1g


Check out his story in the clip below.

Summit1g is currently the number one most-subscribed-to Twitch channel, just overtaking Ninja in subs numbers.


As for his terrifying experience, it’s not the first time something like this has happened to a streamer…

Just last year Twitch streamer Dr. DisRespect, otherwise known as Guy Beahm, shocked viewers when he revealed his house had been shot at. 

According to reports at the time, Dr. DisRespect paused his stream and when he returned he told his viewers: “I gotta end the broadcast right now. 

“Somebody shot at our house, broke the f*cking upstairs window. This is the second shot. Someone shot yesterday.  

“Someone shot yesterday at our f*cking house, and someone shot again right now. It connected with the house upstairs, right? You’re driving by, right? You p*ssy!

“I got to end the stream.”

He immediately ended the broadcast, leaving his viewers and fans incredibly concerned. Luckily, no-one was hurt.

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Featured Image Credit: Summit1g