People Are Calling Out Fortnite For ‘Stealing’ Dance Moves

Fortnite’s dancing isn’t really a seminal part of the game, thought it’s definitely a fun one, but some people are now calling out the game’s iconic dance moves…

Emmanuel Ocbazghi, video producer for Business Insider and Insider, has called out developer Epic Games for “profiting off of black dances…without compensating or crediting the artists who created them.”

The debate stems back from Chance the Rapper, who’s inspiring the question: can a dance move be copyrighted?

As the debate rages over on Twitter, some people are totally in agreement with Chance and Ocbazghi, claiming that some of the dance moves border on racial insensitivity and are an example of cultural appropriation. Others are taking the stance of it being “just a game.”

It’s a complex issue and Epic Games has yet to release a statement regarding the comments.

What do you think about the dancing in Fortnite?