People Figured Out The Cost Of A House In Skyrim IRL And It’s Good News For Millennials 

Buying a house is really damn expensive, and lots of millennials worry that they won’t be able to afford to purchase a roof and four walls of their very own, but there’s good news for those who happen to live in fictional video game land. 

London and Country Mortgages decided it would be a worthwhile task to figure out how much a house would actually cost in games including Skyrim, Breath of the Wild, GTA, The Witcher III, Fallout 4, The Sims 4, Final Fantasy 14 and Stardew Valley. 

In a very in-depth report from L&C it writes: “Every month, more people Google ‘how to buy a house in Skyrim’ than ‘how to buy a house in London’, ‘the UK’, ‘France’, ‘Spain’ and even ‘America’. 

“But which in-game worlds get you the most bang for your simoleon?” 

Explaining how the values were reached, the website states: “we’ve shown you the real-world cost of property in these games, the next step is to share the currency conversions we used to calculate them.

“We calculated these by taking the prices of common items (mostly food) found both in-game and in our world, dividing the UK cost by the in-game cost then averaging all rates to get the average.

“This allows you to see which in-game currencies are the strongest and which are the weakest.”

You can see the conversion chart below thanks to L&C.

The report starts with Skyrim, showing Breezehome to Proudspire Manor, which cost 5,000 Septims and 25,000 Septims at their base costs. 

L&C say that these prices roughly translate to £9,242/$12,476 USD for Breezehome, and £46,208/$62,380 for Proudspire Manor. 

Very affordable compared to the housing market IRL… 

It gets even cheaper too, with Link’s house in Breath of the Wild estimated to be around the £3,098/$4,183 USD mark – with Bolson’s discount of course. 

The Witcher III and GTA Online boast much more realistic prices, rising up into the millions, but you can still definitely find a place to hang your hat in these worlds for around the 18,000 mark. 

As for Stardew Valley, L&C have put The Farm’s cost at £384,830/$519,521 USD. 

You can read the report in full right here 

Which world would you like to call home, and which house tickles your fancy? 

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