People Who Leaked Sword And Shield To Be Sued By Pokémon

The launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield was marred by the leaking of a lot of game content just days before the planned release. Not only were the names of all the new Pokémon revealed to the world, but even gameplay made its way online.

The leaked content became the subject of scrutiny, with lots of unhappy gamers criticising the footage and pointing out bugs, glitches and general flaws.

Credit: Nintendo

Since launch, the games themselves have since received high praise from both players and critics, but The Pokémon Company isn’t going to let the leaks slide.

The Pokémon Company International has posted a lawsuit against unnamed persons who are believed to have leaked the games via Discord. Although their identities aren’t known to even the Company, it’s believed that forensic evidence can be used to trace the source of the leaks.

Credit: Nintendo

In court documents shared by Forbes, it’s alleged that the leakers banded together with a pre-determined strategy to get the games’ strategy guide and leak the content.

The Pokémon Company is reportedly asking the courts to subpoena Discord and 4chan, with Perkins Coie, the lawfirm representing The Pokémon Company, claiming the leaks caused “irreparable injury.”

Despite the leaks, Sword and Shield managed to smash sales records as expected.

Credit: Nintendo

Pokémon Sword and Shield have sold 2 million copies in the US after just two days on the market. This is a huge increase on Nintendo’s last heavy hitter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which sold 3 million copies in the US after 11 days on the market.

In total, more than 6 million copies of Sword and Shield have been shifted worldwide, and with Christmas coming, that number is only set to rise.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo