Pikmin 4 Demo Release Date – Everything You Need To Know

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has announced that you will be able to experience Pikmin 4 when its demo goes live next week. 

Pikmin 4 was one of the highlights of today’s Nintendo Direct. With a bunch of new gameplay news and features, we also learned that a demo will be available soon. 

Pikmin 4 Demo Release Date

The demo will go live for the public on June 28

It will consist of the opening part of the game and any progress will carry over into the main game when it launches on July 21. 

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What Else Was Announced

The Nintendo Direct also showed us some gameplay including everything you, your Pikmin and dog, Oatchi will get up to. 

For the first time in the franchise, you will not have to sleep the night away. Instead, you and your gang can go out and explore. However, be aware that creatures become frenzied at night.

It will be worth going out though, as a new Pikmin has been introduced – Glow Pikmin. These can, of course, glow and will have a variety of abilities not seen in the standard types. 

Oatchi also took center stage during the showcase. Your canine companion will be able to smash through items, move heavy objects and even act as a floating device. 

As well as exploring the great above, you can also delve underground where you will find interesting contraptions and a series of puzzles to overcome. Not only that, but unique treasures can be found as well as Castaways.

Castaways are fellow Rescue Corps but in order to save them, you must enter a Dandori Battle. Winning the battle will reward you with more activities and items at your base camp. Additionally, you can get extra skills to upgrade Oatchi. 

Pikmin 1 & 2

As well as all this exciting Pikmin 4 news, Nintendo also revealed that Pikmin 1 and 2 will be available in HD as of today. You can grab these on Switch to experience the franchise before the launch of the fourth instalment. 

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