A combination we never knew we needed.

This Wolfenstein 3D Super Monkey Ball Is Absolutely Bananas

Fans sometimes do the craziest things, but mashing together Super Monkey Ball and classic first-person Nazi shooter Wolfenstein takes things to another level.

monkey ball wolfenstein
Credit: itchi.io/Nickireda

That’s right, an itch.io creator by the name of Nickireda has created “Return to Castle Monkey Ball”,  a free fan project that shrinks B.J Blazkowicz and places him inside a “monkey ball”, of which he can use to mow down the game’s fascist assailants. 

As spotted by Bloody Disgusting, the game’s itch.io page gives the following “back of the box” gameplay synopsis:

“Fight your way through eight procedurally generated floors to escape the fortress! Collect bananas and treasure to maximize your score and defeat guards for time bonuses! Just get to the end before the timer runs out! Lose all three of your lives and it’s game over for you.

monkey ball wolfenstein
Credit: itchi.io/Nickireda

“Are you tough enough to take on this challenge and break free from the grips of your captors?” 

The game, which is created in Unity, features a practically perfect amalgamation of Wolfenstein 3D’s level design combined with Super Monkey Ball’s physics-based madness. It’s topped off with bananas to collect and Nazis to smoosh into jam.

return to castle monkey ball
Credit: itchi.io/Nickireda

While obviously obliterating Nazis is a goal in itself, doing so gives you a 10-second time bonus, which in turn allows you to collect more bananas and… you guessed it, flatten more Nazis!

Engaging in ball-based combat isn’t as simple as pulling a trigger. You’ll have to build up your speed in order to deal damage to your enemies.

Each session is short and sweet, as well as being procedurally generated, so there’s more than enough time to enjoy this ridiculous hybrid of two classics over and over again. The best thing is, the game is completely free, being playable in browser on the game’s itch.io page.

YouTube video

In the words of Gwen Stefani herself… this sh*t really is bananas!

Will you be playing the Wolfenstein and Super Monkey Ball mash-up known as Return to Castle Monkey Ball? If you’re keen to find out more, check out the game right here!

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Featured Image Credit: itchi.io/Nickireda