Rumour: Battlefield 6 Is A Cross-Gen Reboot, Will Support 128 Players

A new report has claimed that the upcoming Battlefield 6 will be a cross-gen reboot and will target 128 players in its multiplayer mode.

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Credit: EA/DICE

The reports of Battlefield 6’s multiplayer targeting 128 players is nothing new, as these were claims made by industry insider Tom Henderson back in August of 2020.

Battlefield news; Maps have been designed with 128+ players in mind. But 32 vs. 32 will also be a standard playlist,” said Henderson in a tweet last year.

Henderson has now made further claims which include reiterating that the multiplayer of Battlefield 6 will target 128 players (at least for some modes).

Henderson also claims that Battlefield 6 ,which is expected to return to a modern setting (perhaps even taking place during a fictional WW3), will be a cross-platform title, coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Credit: EA/DICE

When it comes to Battlefield 6 releasing on last-gen consoles, I understand there’s going to be a lot of people a little bit annoyed within the community because it essentially means that the current-gen version is going to be limited in some aspects,” said Henderson in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel [via VGC].

However, I’ve been told that is simply not the case, and a completely different studio or a different part of [DICE] is working on the previous-gen version and it’s something that we simply should not be worried about.

In my personal opinion it doesn’t surprise me that Battlefield 6 looks to be a cross-platform title as more platforms means more sales, and more sales means more money for EA.

I do hope that the game is at least to the technical standards of Battlefield 1 (2016) and Battlefield 5 (2018) on last-gen systems. It wouldn’t surprise me if it will be a cross-gen platform for its multiplayer modes.

It is expected that Battlefield 6 (if that is your real name) will be announced this year and my money will be on it being revealed at EA Play this June.

What are your thoughts on the potential of Battlefield 6 being cross-gen? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE