Player Enters Master Prestige in ‘CoD: WWII’ Without Using A Weapon

A player has become the first person to enter Master Prestige in Call of Duty: WWII without using a weapon.

User _C4 managed the feat by simply using explosives.

They posted a screenshot of their stats, which proves that a weapon wasn’t used in the whole process.

As you can see, the ‘Best Weapon’ slot is empty. Incredible scenes. There are other parts of the stats that are quite impressive, for example the 2.18 Kill/Death Ratio, 18,226 total kills, and over eight days of total time played.

Sledgehammer Games seems equally as impressed as I am, Tweeting about the feat…

Obviously, there’s always a couple of party poopers. It wouldn’t be the Internet if a couple of people didn’t pipe up to say they could do it with their eyes closed. One gamer wrote: “I’m sorry but like… wtf? It would take me 2 weeks to get to master with c4 only. This would be amazing If he did it November last year”, while another added: “call bull. The stats are too good TBH. I know there are pros and maybe he had a team of friends that carried him but that high of a KDR is kinda fishy”.

Come on, everyone. Let people have nice things.

The last time someone did something as impressive as this was when @theseknivesonly managed to get Master Prestige simply by stabbing people.

YouTube video

Incredible, right?!