Who needs a PS5?

PlayStation ‘Exclusive’ Days Gone Is Coming To PC This Year

The 2019 survival horror drama Days Gone is heading to PC, according to the game’s developer.

Bend Studio’s made the announcement via Twitter, accompanied by a familiar meme crossed with a familiar face:

The tweet is somewhat vague, simply stating that “#DaysGone comes to PC this spring. Stay tuned for more details.” Whether this means the game will be enhanced in any way for the platform is unknown. Still, PC players will be delighted at the news, especially since it’s a PlayStation Studio’s published game. 

First, Days Gone… What’s Next for PC Fans?

Days Gone screenshot
Credit: SIE Bend Studio

With so many games previously bearing the “Only On PlayStation” box banner coming to PC, some gamers might give up their search for a PS5. Sony’s latest console has been somewhat scarce in terms of stock, with resellers buying any units that pop up online. Perhaps releasing some of the PS4’s back catalogue is a way of ensuring games sell during this shortage. That being said, the company has been planning to bring more of its titles to PC since last year.

Two characters hugging in Days Gone
Credit: SIE Bend Studio

PlayStation’s Hermen Hulst has also previously reassured fans about its games breaking exclusivity, stating that ”releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC”. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see more than a handful of titles jump from PlayStation to PC, the fact there’s even a few is extraordinary. 

Days Gone originally released in 2019. It won multiple awards, including Best Storytelling and PlayStation Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards. The game is also backwards compatible with PS5 and is optimised to run at 4K 60FPS. Again, we don’t currently know how the port will perform on PC, but it’s probably going to look mighty fine. It’ll be interesting to see what PlayStation games slip through to PC in the future.

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Feature Image Credit: SIE Bend Studio