PlayStation Game Pass Rival Could Have Three Tier Plan

According to a new report, PlayStation’s rival to Game Pass, Project Spartacus, is planning for a three tier system for up to $16 a month.

A new report from Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb has provided some new details on what Project Spartacus might be like. We’ve known about the potential Game Pass rival since last year, but what it is actually like has been up in the air.

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Now, Grubb has detailed what we can expect from the new plan. There will still be the standard PS+ tier, essentially the same as what already exists. Players will continue to get a small selection of games every month, at $10 a month. And there are apparently two more tiers that will have more features.

The second tier, PS+ Extra, will be $13 a month. This gives you access to a game catalogue, on top of what you get with the standard PS+. By the sounds of things, the games catalogue is basically what PS Now already is. And would include hundreds of older, downloadable games, as well as being able to stream games.

And PS+ Premium, the final tier, will be $16 per month, which includes everything from the first two tiers. What makes this tier unique is having a library of “classic games,” as well as a new “game trials” feature. The game trials feature would basically let you try out full versions of new PlayStation games, presumably on a time limit.

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Credit: Microsoft

It doesn’t seem like Sony has plans to launch its big titles day one through this new service. But it does seem like they would be offering a lot more than they currently do. Hopefully the second tier, PS+ Extra, would be able to offer as much as Game Pass does.

The final tier sounds similar to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Online feature. This allows you to play classic Nintendo games if you have Nintendo Switch Online. The problem is that these games are otherwise unavailable for purchase. Hopefully Sony will also make these classic games available to buy. As we don’t want them going further down the same route with Nintendo.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/ Microsoft