PlayStation Home Is Making An Unofficial Comeback

A group of modders have been working to get PlayStation Home back online again, and thanks to PlayStation Online Network Emulated, it’s finally here.

A non-profit fan group called Destination Home have been working to make PlayStation Home playable as part of a preservation effort for the game. Thanks to them, the game has been made available to play offline. But thanks to PlayStation Online Network Emulated, or PSONE, Home is available to play online once again. PlayStation Home’s servers went offline in 2015, and has been officially unplayable since then. 

If the name PSONE sounds familiar, other than being the name of a console, it’s because they recently were able to get online servers working for Motorstorm. And now thanks to PSONE, players will be able to dive back into PlayStation Home. Some fans have been able to donate their Home data to Destination Home, which has brought back things like apartment customisation and the hub area.

YouTube video

It’s very important to note that this is an unofficial project. Neither Destination Home nor PSONE are affiliated with Sony, nor do they accept any kind of monetary donations. Both fan groups are doing it off of their own back, solely in the name of preservation. It’s great to see projects like this in action. PlayStation Home obviously went offline because it wasn’t profitable, but that doesn’t mean it should be gone permanently. Even if nobody wanted to play Home, being able to do so in the name of preservation is important in its own right.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony