Ex-BioWare Writer Says Potential Mass Effect TV Series ‘Makes Me Cringe’

An ex-BioWare writer has said that the potential of the Mass Effect TV series “makes me cringe” at the mere thought. So, he’s not happy.

Ex-lead writer at BioWare David Gaider shared his thoughts regarding the news that a Mass Effect TV series might be on the way.

I’m relieved to see that the Mass Effect/Amazon deal is for a potential TV series and not a movie,” tweeted Gaider. “Even so, the possibility (and likewise for Dragon Age) makes me cringe just a little, unlike many fans who appear… excited? Let me explain.

Gaiden explains that one of the problems with the proposed TV series will have issues in regard to the protagonist. For example, in the game players get to pick their own male or female Shepard. Each Shepard can also be customised.

Furthermore, while the story of the Mass Effect trilogy follows almost the same path, players’ choice will impact their story and their ending. Sure, everyone will also get a similar outcome, but ultimately each player will have their Shepard and their story.

New story or faithful retelling?

Gaiden goes on for quite a long thread expressing his thoughts and I mostly agree with what he has said. However, in my opinion, while the proposed Mass Effect TV is likely set in the same universe (so to speak), it could feature brand new characters. Perhaps it could tell a prequel or the events after the main trilogy from any number of its established characters.

Image from mass effect
Credit: BioWare

Either way, it seems that this Mass Effect TV series is barely a proposal at this time and is a long way off from being produced. That’s if it gets produced at all.

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