PlayStation Plus Games For July Include Alan Wake Remastered And More

Sony has announced three new titles that will be available for PlayStation Plus members during the month of July. Let’s take a look at the selection. 

With summer in full swing, Sony is keeping gamers entertained with three new additions to the Playstation Plus library. With the choice between a shooter, a classic and an indie adventure, July has it all. 

These upcoming games will all be available to download from July 4 to July 31.

PlayStation Plus Games For July 

First up is the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cross-Gen Bundle which will be available for PS4 and PS5. The 2020 shooter will take place during the Cold War and will see you meet famous historical figures as you battle your way across the globe.

Explore key locations such as East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey and the Soviet KGB headquarters as an elite operative. With your job to try and change the course of history, use your wide arsenal of weapons and equipment to “destabilize the global balance of power.”

Additionally, you will gain access to Captain Price when you download this bundle. 

If mystery and horror is more your thing, Alan Wake Remastered is also up for grabs on PS4 and PS5. Set in the creepy town of Bright Falls, the 2010 action-adventure game sees Alan Wake embark on a dangerous mission to find his missing wife. 

During his search, he comes across pages of a horror story he has supposedly written but has no memory of. However, with the story slowly coming to life before his very eyes, he doesn’t have time to speculate. 

Join him as he confronts the horrors he has created in a nightmarish journey to find his wife and the answers he seeks.

Last but not least, Endling – Extinction is Forever is an indie survival-adventure game by Herobeat Studios. Set in a world overrun by pollution, join the last fox on Earth as they explore a world ravaged by mankind. 

This 3D side-scrolling adventure sees you work to keep your babies alive as you feed and protect them in a land that is trying their best to kill them. Use the cover of darkness to creep your way to safety, use makeshift shelters and scavenge for food.

Most importantly, try your hardest to keep extinction at bay.

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