PS Plus Subscribers Are Unhappy With Issues Related To Discounts

This week the revised PS Plus subscription rolled out into its first territory, however, fans are unhappy with issues related to discounts.

Before rolling out in regions across the world, PS Plus made its debut in Hong Kong, offering the best insight into what to expect from the revised service. Unfortunately, rather than celebrating its arrival, some fans are feeling angered and primarily, short-changed.

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The Premium tier isn’t cheap

As reported by Screen Rant, players on Reddit have been calling out Sony for issues related to PS Plus pricing and discounts. For an annual subscription, PS Plus Premium costs £100/€120/$120. So, it doesn’t come cheap. That being said, you can also pay month/quarterly if you wish.

Sadly, players are reporting issues related to the base version of the revised subscription, PS Plus Essential, formerly known as PS Plus. Players have been reporting that they are being made to pay a price difference if they had previously purchased an annual PlayStation Plus membership at a discount.

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For example, one Reddit user explained that they had bought an annual PS Plus membership while on a discount sale. However, when that subscription evolved into PS Plus Essential, they were asked to pay a price difference.

Are users being asked to pay more?

Let’s say you bought a PS Plus annual membership for a discounted £34.99, instead of the full price of £49.99. You would reportedly be required to pay the additional £15 price difference. Other users have claimed to be required to pay the full price should they upgrade to the higher tiers.

Furthermore, there are also reports that users are being asked to subscribe to an additional revised tier, despite already having an active PS Plus subscription. 

At this time, Sony hasn’t confirmed these reports, so we should take them with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. That being said, if the reports are true, it doesn’t look very consumer-friendly from Sony.

The revised PlayStation Plus targets an arrival of June 13th in North and South America. It then targets a June 23rd launch for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Will you be upgrading to the higher PS Plus subscription tiers? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony