PlayStation Plus subscriptions down by 2 million since revamp

PlayStation Plus subscriptions are down by a reported 2 million since the service was revamped this year.

Earlier this year, the PlayStation Plus subscription service went through a revamp, to fall more in line with Microsoft’s popular Xbox Game Pass.

Previously, PS Plus was only available as one basic tier. However, PS Plus now has three tiers to choose from.

All PlayStation Plus tiers offer something a little different

PS Plus Essential offers the exact same service prior to the revamp with a selection of monthly games at no extra cost as well as access to online gaming and discounts from the PS Store.

PlayStation Plus Extra offers everything in Essential, but with the added bonus of even more PS4 and PS5 games to choose from.

ps plus tiers
Credit: Sony

PS Plus Premium is the top and most expensive tier, offering everything included in the other two tiers.

However, the Premium service also offers a selection of additional PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

All in all, the choice offered to subscribers over the three tiers offers decent value for money. In my opinion.

Bud sadly, despite Sony’s best efforts, PlayStation Plus subscription numbers are down, by quite some margin.

As reported by VGC, Sony has lost 1.9 million subscribers in the last three months. The numbers were confirmed in Sony’s Q2 fiscal year 2022 financial report.

Compared to Q1 2022, subscribers were down by 47.3 million to 45.4 million.

Furthermore, this is the first quarterly financial report since the PS Plus revamp. PlayStation Plus reached its peak during Q3 2021 with 48 million subscribers.

Why are PS Plus numbers dropping?

We don’t know for sure why the numbers are plummeting. However, there could be any number of reasons.

For starters, the cost-of-living crisis, which has particularly hit hard in the UK, has forced people to cut costs drastically.

Furthermore, the other reason could simply be due to subscribers feeling that PlayStation Plus doesn’t offer enough value.

How can Sony boost subscribers?

I think most of PS Plus’s fate simply relies on the financial fortunes of the public.

If the cost-of-living crisis improves globally, subscriber numbers might increase. However, arguably the best way to increase numbers is simply by adding more games to the PS Plus service. 

resident evil 2
Credit: Capcom

One common plea from fans is the addition of more classic games as well as being able to download PS3 games.

At this time, unlike all other games in its service, PS Plus Premium subscribers can only steam PS3 games as it was when PS Now existed.

Personally, while we have the classic Resident Evil: Director’s Cut from the PS1, I’m still hoping that we’ll see the likes of the original RE2 and RE3, as well as Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill.

So hopefully, Sony will offer more PlayStation classics in the months to come.

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