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Pokemon GO has made $5 Billion Since its Launch In 2016

Since its launch in 2016, the mobile sensation AR game Pokemon GO has made a whopping $5 billion in revenue. Yikes!

According to analytics data gathered by Sensor Tower (via VGC), it is reported that, on average, players are spending $1 biller a year on the mobile sensation.

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Sensor Tower has also revealed that during the first half of 2021, Pokemon GO has generated $641.6 million in player spending. This means that 2021 has been the best start to a year so far for Niantic’s mobile game.


Furthermore, 2020 proved to be Pokemon GO’s most successful year earning $1.3 billion in total. However, if the start of 2021 is anything to go by, it looks like this year will be another record-breaker.

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Credit: Sensor Tower

The United States and Japan are the biggest revenue generators for the mobile game, which makes sense given the population landscape. The United States makes up around 36% of player spending, while Japan makes up for around 32%. Germany comes in at third place with 5.4%.

The average player spending per account is also said to be around $7.91. As of Q4 2020, according to statista, Pokemon GO has accumulated over 1 billion lifetime downloads. That is a lot of people and a lot of money!


iOS players are the big spenders

You might also be interested to know that 77% of Pokemon GO players are on Android, leaving just 23% for iOS. However, it is reported that around 52.8% of player spending comes from iOS accounts which indicates that iOS players spend more money on the game.

This year also celebrates the 5th anniversary of Pokemon GO, and by the looks of things, this mobile game will be around for more years to come.

Now, if you excuse me, I’ve got to go out to catch a celebratory Pikachu tangled up in a floating nest of balloons.


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Featured Image Credit: Niantic/The Pokemon Company