The Fallout 76 Team Thinks You Should Give The Game A Second Chance

Let’s face it, when Fallout 76 first launched, it left a lot to be desired. From lacklustre gameplay to various performance issues, many players expected more from the series’ multiplayer debut. However, thanks to post-launch efforts, the team behind Fallout 76 thinks you should give the game a second chance.

Fallout 76
Credit: Bethesda

That’s right, Fallout 76’s Design Director Mark Tucker and Lead Producer Jeff Gardiner both think you should reconsider your opinion of the game. During a recent interview with Newsweek, Tucker lamented the game’s failings while ensuring that criticism has been taken on board.

“We listened to the feedback of ‘this doesn’t feel like a Fallout game’ [and] since launch, we have made significant changes.

“This is now a very story-driven game. You’re gonna have some great interactions with NPCs and some interesting choices. There’s a lot of deep storytelling going on.”

fallout new vegas image
Credit: Bethesda

If you’re ever played a Fallout game, then you’ll know that interacting with NPCs is a core part of the experience. However, when Fallout 76 launched back in 2018, the game was uninhabited by anyone other than real-life players. As you can imagine, this meant the game felt more like an empty sandbox than a lore rich apocalyptic world.

Echoing his teammate’s comments, Jeff Gardiner also ensured that the game now features the same RPG elements as the mainline games:

“If you are a story fan or a traditional RPG fan like I am myself, there is a lot [now] for you to come and explore. So please jump in and give us a shot.”

The road to redemption

It’s worth mentioning that while some might think Bethesda is trying to flog a dead horse, the game has come a long way. This is largely because the game now features NPCs, dialogue choices and other mechanics that help the experience feel more like a traditional Fallout title.

Fallout 76 wastelanders
Credit: Bethesda

Hopefully, Fallout 76 continues to evolve into the game it was originally meant to be. Who knows, perhaps Bethesda will be able to pull of a No Man’s Sky style second wind.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda