Pokemon Happy Meals Promotion Might Be Coming Soon

McDonald’s has partnered with Nintendo numerous times over the years to bring us cute collectables in our Pokemon Happy Meals. Now, it looks like the fast-food chain is set to do it again, this time bringing red boxes of Pokemon joy (via Gamespot).

The discovery of upcoming Pokemon Happy Meals promotion was made by the fan account Pokejungle, which was then posted to Twitter.

What’s In The Pokemon Happy Meals?

pokemon 25
Credit: YouTube:OfficialPokemon

The post features a photo of what appears to be a restaurant display. We can see that it’s promoting what appears to be cards from the trading card game. Similar cards have appears in Pokemon Happy Meals before, alongside collectable toys. This time, it looks like fans will be able to grab four cards instead of a toy. This is sure to appeal to collectors and players of the card game alike!


With 25 different cards to collect, collections could be seeing a major boost, thanks to this fast-food promotion.

Nintendo also announced collectable cards as part of its 25th-anniversary celebration. However, these were in the form of larger, novelty prints of classic designs. While there’s nothing to suggest that this promotion is also part of these same celebrations, it would make sense for it to happen.

Eevee in Pokemon Rescue Team DX against a pink background
Credit: Nintendo

That being said, it’s harrowing to think about what state the cards will be in after they get into the hands of kids devouring their McNuggets. Never the less, there’s plenty of adults out there who’ll willingly swap out their extra-large meal for happy meal potion, just to get a hold of the cards. (us included).


When Can We Get Our Hands On The Pokemon Happy Meals?

Sadly, this specific Pokemon promotion is set to come to America. So far, there’s no sign of it coming to Europe or the UK. But McDonald’s has featured Pokemon giveaways in the past in it’s UK stores! Unfortunately, there’s nothing to suggest we’ll be seeing it soon. Usually, eagled eyed fans would be able to spot upcoming promotions while in the restaurant. However, due to ongoing lockdown restrictions, McDonald’s is collection or drive-thu only.

Could this be part of a plan to announce Diamond/Pearl remakes? Are we reading too much into it? Probably the latter, but we can hope!

Featured Image Credit: McDonalds/Nintendo