Pokemon Fan Creates Pink Version Cartridge As Valentine’s Gift

Looking for something different this Valentine’s day? Something that really shows your nerdy counterpart how you feel? Why not follow in the footsteps of this creative Redditor, who has modded a Game Boy in the name of love? (via Reddit).

Clefairy vibing
Credit: Funimation/The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon cartridge casanova, Reddit user CrimsonChymist, has managed to transform an old Game Boy Pocket and a copy of Pokemon Blue into a matching pink set, one that would make anyone wink.

What’s New About This Pokemon Cartridge?

The Game Boy now features a backlit screen and an absurdly pink shell, which is an excellent gift in itself. However, it’s the Pokemon cartridge that really stands out in this set, featuring a matching pink exterior and a new label, as well as a modified version of the ROM inside. The label also features an adorable Eevee, along with the message “Matt <3 Jess”.

Dubbed as “Pokemon Love Edition”, this is a one of a kind ROM. It features Professor Oak wishing the player a “Happy Valentine’s Day” upon starting a new game. The mod has also changed the game’s start screen to include Eevee instead of Squirtle. As the final touch, it also calls itself the “Love edition”. Other than that, this is a perfectly normal and playable version of Pokemon Blue.

three gameboys
Credit: Nintendo/Unsplash:@mymind/Greenboygames/IZMA

The Redditor also claims that this was their first time modding a ROM, which is impressive considering the results.

Game Boy mods are a dime a dozen within today’s retro scene. But it’s not every day that you get an actual game customised to this level.

Now that Jess has a fancy new Game Boy, they can delve into the console’s incredible library. Best of all, it still has games being made for it to this very day

Let’s just hope that this unique cartridge never appears on eBay any time in the future. We’re rooting for the love birds!

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Featured Image Credit: u/CrimsonChymis (Via Reddit)