Pokémon Trading Card Collection Fetches Over $100K At Auction

Remember when your parents told you that Pokémon cards were a waste of money? Well WHO KNEW that they’d actually hold better value than TY Beanie Babies…if they’re the right cards, of course.

TMZ reports that a collection of Pokémon trading cards have just been sold at auction for the eye-watering sum of $107,010 USD at Goldin Auctions, and it’s not too surprising for the hardcore collectors out there.

Credit: Hugginsandscott

The report states that a total of 103 Pokémon cards were sold at the auction, with each and every card bearing a “Gem Mint 10” rating – meaning they’re as pristine as they come.

If you were wondering what the collection included, the cards (naturally) came with the elusive and oh-so-expensive first edition Shiny Charizard card, as well as Chansey, Blastoise and Alakazam.

There’s definitely some big bucks to be made in the original trading card game. Earlier this year, auctioneers Huggins and Scott were selling an unopened box of the original cards for a jaw-dropping $35,000.

Credit: Pokemon Trading Card Game

Similarly, over on eBay someone paid an eye-watering $40,000 for 11 unopened and heavy 1st edition shadowless base set booster packs. (Note, someone bought this. It’s not someone listing it and getting no interest. Someone actually bought this.)

Now, depending on your financial situation, this could have turned out to be a pretty worthy investment, if you’ve got the $40k to start with and you don’t mind taking a serious gamble.

Credit: Hugginsandscott

Being “heavy” packs mean they’ve been specifically weighed and pretty much guaranteed to include a rare shiny card. If one of these turned out to be, say, a first edition Charizard then you could easily sell this for around $5,000, going off the most recent eBay sales.

Credit: Pokemon Trading Card Game/Wizards of the Coast

I can’t recommend buying and selling Pokémon cards to make a living, but it’s definitely an interesting market!

Featured Image Credit: Pokemon Trading Card Game/eBay