Pokemon Unite – Buffs and Nerfs In The Latest Update

Bad day to be an Absol main, good day for literally everybody playing against Absol

The latest update of Pokemon Unite has just dropped, and it’s a big one! With the update comes a number of nerfs and buffs for fan favourite Pokemon, alongside new modes, Unite Licences and Holowear.

Firstly, has your main been impacted by these adjustments? Could an F tier suddenly become competitively viable? Here’s the full list of buffs and nerfs in update

Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon increased:

Delphox: Fire Spin
Zerarora: Discharge
Azumarill: Bubble, Aqua Tail

Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased:

Absol: Psycho Cut, Night Slash
Delphox: Flame Charge
Blissey: Egg Bomb

Bugs Fixed:

Absol: Night Slash – Fixed bug(s) that affected the following: Area of effect
Delphox: Mystical Fire/Fire Blast – fixed bugs causing extra effects to occur

Stat and Cooldown Buffs:

Blissey: Safeguard – cooldown lengthened + Shield effect weakened

Azumarill: Play Rough – cooldown reduced
Azumarill: Following stats have been increased – HP
Aqua Tail – HP restored increased and cooldown reduced.
Azumarill: Following stats have been increased – HP

Zeraora: Discharge – Cooldown reduced
Zeraora: Unite Move – Plasma Gale: Level at which moved is learned changed to 9

And there we have it! The reign of Absol is finally over. Players no longer have to cower in fear if their team doesn’t run this Speedster.

In addition, it’s also a great day to pick up Azumarill’s Unite Licence. Pro tip: Pair this Novice Melee All-Rounder with a Potion and Aqua Tail to increase survivability. You can even throw on a Shell Bell, which restores a percentage based on HP, to really lean into Azumarill’s tankier side.

If your brain works better with visual information, Reddit user u/mOYmirko has a great infographic that explains the above in more detail:

However you feel about these Pokemon Unite buffs and nerfs, it’s fair to say there’s a brand new challenge on the horizon. Will you be picking up a Unite Licence you haven’t tried before? Let us know across our social channels..