Pokimane Speaks Out On Mizkif’s Decision To Join Rumble

With news that Mizkif has joined Rumble, Pokimane has revealed that she finds the news ‘unfortunate.’ Here’s what we know.

With Twitch and Kick being long-term rivals for live-streaming video platforms, it seems there is a new contender in the form of Rumble. 

Rumble is another online video platform that promises its creators larger cuts and seems to be making the rounds inviting large streamers to the site. With money not being the only incentive, it apparently offers content creators a place for free speech. As a result, it has been labelled as a “right-wing” alternative.

Now it seems like Mizkif himself will be taking to Rumble.

Pokimane is “disappointed” 

American Youtuber and Twitch streamer Mizkif made headlines recently for feeling the “stress” of streaming. Perhaps contradictory, he has now made the decision to stream “twice a week” on Rumble.

However, fellow content creator Pokimane has said the situation is “unfortunate”. In a live stream broadcast on May 29, Pokimane’s viewers asked her about the situation which was reported by Dexerto.

Pokimane was asked about Mizkif on stream

“I mean, he obviously did it for money, which is unfortunate, because I don’t think he needs the money,” Pokimane commented. “Honestly, I should talk to him about this on stream. That’s probably the fairest way to do this.”

It remains to be seen if she will confront Mizkif about this decision. However, with her helping him in the past, it will be interesting to see if he will take on her advice once more. 

The future of Rumble

As for Rumble, there is no doubt it will continue to make headlines. With people like Andrew Tate using the platform, it is bound to be strife with controversy. 

With other big names rumoured to be migrating over, it’s anybody’s guess who we will see abandon Twitch in the upcoming months.