Pornhub Searches For ‘Black Hole’ Up 9000% Following Fortnite Event

Oh Epic Games, what have you done.

Credit: Epic Games

As always when a huge gaming event takes place, Pornhub’s stats reflect the true nature of how sordid we really all are, and Epic Games’ recent “The End” event in Fortnite is no exception.

I wanted to find out just how the worldwide outage of Fortnite affected the search terms and traffic that Pornhub saw, compared to when Fortnite’s up and running like normal.

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GameByte reached out to Pornhub to hear about how Fortnite’s recent black hole event affected their numbers, and as always, it’s absolutely riveting.

Credit: Pornhub

Publishing the findings, Pornhub noted that its website saw an increase in searches containing the word “Fortnite,” which performed “152% above average by Monday the 14th.”

Credit: Pornhub

That’s to be expected right? What else are people supposed to do when Fortnite is down?


The stats also revealed that searches containing the phrase “black hole” increased by a staggering 9640%. Pornhub jokes: “While some of those new searches contained ‘fortnite black hole’, we can only assume that the previous ‘black hole’ searches were for something completely different.”


Check out the stats in full right here.

With millions of people tuning in to watch the black hole devour the Fortnite map, and thousands sticking around to watch the black hole do absolutely nothing for hours, the end of Season 10 is genuinely one of the strangest and most ingenious stunts of all time.

Credit: Epic Games

More than six million people tuned in to watch the event unfold live, which is more than the population of New Zealand.

Around four millions of those views came from YouTube alone, with Twitch not too far behind.

The phenomenon saw Fortnite trending on social media sites all over the place, and even Reddit reportedly struggled with the influx of posts regarding the event.

In a very NSFW (you have been warned) tweet at the time of the blackout, Pornhub joked: “We have better holes to stare at than #Fortnite.”

Maybe that’s why the site saw more traffic than usual…?

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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