Let's have a look at Hunter's Arena: Legends!

First PS Plus Game For August Revealed Early During State Of Play

Sony has revealed one of the August PS Plus freebies during a recent State of Play event, which just so happens to be a massively multiplayer fighting game.

Hunter's Arena: Legends PS Plus August
Credit: Mantisco

According to the PlayStation blog, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a “magic-and-melee-infused brawler” that supports up to 30 players per match. Developed by Mantisco, the game also features PvE, PvP and traditional RPG elements. Here’s a back of the box synopsis for the game, courtesy of the game’s project manager, Sanha Cho.

“Hunter’s Arena takes you to a beautifully crafted ancient East Asian world where you play as a Hunter who must fight deadly demons as well as each other to survive in the one-of-a-kind melee battle royale. During your journey, you must master skills of swordplay and martial arts to defeat everything that tries to claim your life. So, grab your sword and brace yourself as we take a deeper look at the threats lurking in the dangerous and mystical world of Hunter’s Arena.”

Hunter's Arena: Legends screenshot PS Plus
Credit: Mantisco

A 30-player battle royale battler

While combat is centre stage in Hunter’s Arena: Legends, players will need to defeat ancient demons and collect loot to succeed against their opponent. In addition to the game’s main 30-player solo mode, there’s also a trio team-based mode and tag match, which transforms the experience into a traditional 3D fighter.

If you’re a fan of chaotic battle royale experiences, then Hunter’s Arena: Legends might cater to your needs. It’s worth mentioning that the game is also heading to PC. However, the fact it’s free for PS Plus members in August makes it worth playing in itself. While the game isn’t coming to PS Plus until August, perhaps its early reveal will entice gamers to give it a try when it launches.

Hunter's Arena: Legends PS Plus August
Credit: Mantisco

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Featured Image Credit: Mantisco