This Man Got Tired Of Waiting For A PS5 Slim, So He Made One Himself

A PS5 slim is now a real thing, though there’s technically only one in the world, so don’t bet on buying one any time soon. 

Every generation of PlayStation, somewhere along the line, get’s a smaller, ‘slim’ version of that console. The original PlayStation became the PSOne, the PS2 got the slim, and so on and so forth. But we’re still early days in the lifecycle of the PS5, so a slim doesn’t necessarily make much sense yet.

That doesn’t matter to YouTuber DIY Perks, who set out to build “the world’s first PlayStation 5 slim.” And build it he did, making one that is only 2cm tall. Quite the achievement compared to the obelisk that has the original console.

YouTube video

how did they do it?

A big challenge that will come with any piece of tech is figuring out how to keep it cool. If you’ve managed to actually get a PS5 (which might be easier soon), you’ll have seen the big chunky fans on it. It’s a big console, so it needs big fans, so instead of that, DIY Perks opted for a water-cooling system.

Now the actual console itself really is that slim, so DIY Perks did technically achieve what they set out to. But it is cheating (just a little bit), as the water-cooling system is a huge brick that sits out of sight. And in theory out of mind. Though if it gets the job done, who are we to complain. 

There are some big twists and turns in the video, as one would expect from such a challenge. So it’s well worth watching the entire thing just to see how it’s actually made. 

Of course, it will probably be a while until we see an official PS5 slim. And we would place some big bets on it not being quite as small as the one seen in DIY Perks’ video.

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YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: DIY Perks