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PS5’s $70 Games Were Originally Going To Be Even More Expensive

In a report from Bloomberg it has been revealed that Sony had planned for the PS5’s $70 games to be even more expensive.

The news was brought to our attention by industry leaker Nibel, who shared the article in question and added: “Sony originally planned to sell games for more than $70

In the article from Bloomberg, the point of inflation was brought up as the price of video games have rarely exceeded $60. In the report, it says “Sony discussed going even higher before settling on $70.

However, according to the publication, “many of the game executives requested anonymity, apparently because they recognize the move is unpopular” and that prices may still “vary by title.

Credit: Sony

Personally I know that price of inflation is a very valid point, but back in the 1990s (a generation which is commonly used as an example for video game prices), most games were sold on cartridges.

The production costs alone of delivering games on cartridge far exceeds that of a CD, which is why multi-platform titles are often more expensive on Nintendo Switch in comparison to that of a physical copy for PS4 or Xbox One.

Not only were production costs very different decades ago, but so too was the cost and method of marketing. Nowadays it’s much easier to spread word-of-mouth and viral campaigns across social media.

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Credit: Sony

When we consider that digital sales for video games are rapidly on the rise, the costs to deliver video games digitally is much cheaper than the production costs of physical media, not to mention it’s easier and cheaper to deliver games directly to the consumer.

The recommended retail prices for PS5’s games are expensive, clocking in at £70 GBP, $70 in the US and €70 for the EU.  So to give an example of the current inflation prices, £70 is like the US paying $92 and the EU paying $100. Per game. Thankfully Sony changed its mind about putting the prices up even further than that!

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Credit: Insomniac Games/Sony

The cost of inflation has very valid points on both sides of the fence and I can see arguments made from both perspectives.

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