PSVR2 has February 2023 release date, costs more than a PS5

The PSVR2 has a February 2023 release date and it costs more than a PS5. However, is its high price still good value?

Finally, the release date for the PSVR2 has been announced by Sony. Up until now, we’ve only known that it will launch sometime during early 2023. However, we now know how long we’ll need to save up those pennies and you’re going to have to save up a lot.

When is the PSVR2 release date?

The PSVR2 will be released on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023. Furthermore, pre-orders will go live on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022. However, we have a feeling that it will be very difficult to get hold of one at the RRP.

Sadly, we’re too familiar with greedy resellers claiming all the stock before genuine fans even get a chance. Selling pages such as eBay are rife with listings for way over the RRP.

I have no confidence that lessons will be learned from PS5 and Xbox Series X stock issues. Though, I hope that I am wrong. If you do miss out on making a genuine pre-order, please avoid the temptation to buy from a reseller. The problem will never go away if we keep feeding the monsters. As they say, “patience is a virtue”.

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Credit: Sony

How much will the PSVR2 cost at release?

The recommended retail price of the PSVR2 is £529.99/€549.99/$549.99 USD. While this price might seem high, the PSV2 is a bit of a beast. You can check out the PSVR2 specs here. To be fair, the specs of the PSVR2 aren’t far off from the Meta Quest Pro, and that system costs £1,500!

The original PSVR released in 2019 had a launch RRP of £329.99/€399.99/$399.99. Yes, the new price is a good £200 more, however, the OG PSVR pales in comparison to its successor.

Advanced specs aside, the PSVR2 also comes with two Sense controllers as well as a built-in stereo headphone. You had to buy the PS Move controllers separately for Sony’s original VR headset.

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Credit: Sony

There’s also a Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle

One of the launch games for the PSVR2 is Horizon Call of the Mountain, a spin-off starring Aloy from Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. The PSVR2 and Call of the Mountain bundle has an RRP of £569.99/€599.99/$599.99. It’s also worth noting that the game will be a digital code and not a physical disc.

Where can you pre-order the PSVR2?

Obviously, the most popular retailers will be stocking the PSVR2. However, you can also pre-order the PSVR2 via PlayStation Direct.

What else do I need to know?

playstation vr2
Credit: Sony

Unlike the original PSVR, you do not need an external camera for the PSVR2. Sony’s latest VR headset tracks you and your controllers through four built-in cameras.

There will also be a PSVR2 Sense Controller Charging Station with an RRP of £39.99/€49.99/$49.99. This will be particularly handy because it means that you won’t have to use up a USB port from your PlayStation 5 console. Speaking of which, you will need a PS5 to play the PSVR2.

Will you be attempting to pick up a PSVR2 at launch or will you be holding out for a price drop? Let us know across our social media channels.

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