PSVR2 is now available for preorder

The wait is finally over, as the PSVR2 is now up for pre-order at Sony’s dedicated online retail store. Happy days!

Earlier this month the price, as well as the release date, was revealed for the PlayStation VR2 and to much surprise, it ended up being more expensive than the PS5.

Where can we pre-order the PSVR2?

At this time, you can only pre-order the PSVR2 via the PlayStation Direct store. However, if you haven’t done so already, you will need to register before being able to pre-order the VR headset.

At a later date, the PSVR2 will be available to pre-order at various third-party retailers.

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Credit: Sony

How much will it cost?

The PSVR2 has a RRP of £529.99/€599.99/$549.99 USD. In case you didn’t know, a PS5 is required to run the PSVR2. So, all in with the VR headset and console, you could be looking at a total of around £1k.

There’s also a Horizon bundle

As well as the standard PSVR2 system, you can also pre-order an official bundle which comes with Horizon: Call of the Mountain. This is a brand-new standalone game set in the same universe as Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. This bundle has an RRP of £569.99/€599.99/$599.99.

playstation vr2
Credit: Sony

What comes with the PSVR2?

Of course, you’ll get the headset and the necessary cables, as well as other bits n’ bobs. However, unlike the original PSVR, you will receive two Sense Controllers. 

With the original PSVR, you had to buy the Move controllers separately, which also raised in price when the VR system launched. So at least we know that we’ll get everything we need in the box at the RRP.

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Speaking of Sense controllers

Launching alongside the PSVR2 is the official Sense Controller Charging Station. This device can be connected to your PS5 via a USB port or to a mains power socket. This charging station has an RRP of £39.99/€49.99/$49.99.

playstation vr2
Credit: Sony

When is the PSVR2 release date and will you pre-order?

The PSVR2 has a release date of February 22nd, 2023.

Have you claimed a PSVR2 pre-order or will you be holding out? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Source: PlayStation Direct