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Psychological Thriller ‘Martha Is Dead’ Is Coming To PS5 After All

The upcoming psychological thriller Martha is Dead, believed to be an Xbox console exclusive, is heading to PS5 after all.

Martha is Dead is developed by indie studio LKA, the team that brought us another psychological thriller in 2016, with This Town of Light.

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Credit: Wired Productions

However, Martha is Dead looks to be one of the most sinister games that I’ve seen in a while. Not in a sense of jump-scare horror tactics or traditional monsters, but the disturbing nature of its story.

Martha is Dead is set in a remote Italian countryside during World War 2 in a time where the “Allied and Axis forces turn the nation into a pincered playground.

Martha is dead screenshot
Credit: Wired Productions

Amidst the hell that is a war-torn world, further tragedy strikes on a personal level when a twin finds the body of her sister lying dead on the shores of a nearby lake.  

Now the sister must not only cope with the horrors of war, but also with the brutal death of her beloved twin sister.

When Martha is Dead was originally announced for the Xbox Series X|S many fans had hoped that this intriguing psychological thriller would make its way to PlayStation 5.

Managing Director at publisher Wired Productions, Leo Zullo, had this to say on the PS5 announcement: “Now players have next-generation consoles in their hands, it’s exciting to watch Martha is Dead take shape on both PlayStation and the Xbox family of devices.”

Martha is dead screenshot
Credit: Wired Productions

Zullo went on to add: “The game builds upon developer LKA’s signature style of deep, multi-layered narratives and was always intended to be a multi-platform release that raises expectations of what can be achieved by an indie studio on next-generation hardware and PC.”

While we currently do not have a set release date, we do know Martha is Dead is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2021. Wishlist it on Steam here!

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Featured Image Credit: Wired Productions