PUBG Agrees To Unban Their Most Popular Streamer With A Sassy Tweet 

Back in July of this year one of the most popular PUBG Twitch streamers, Shroud, was given a 30 day ban from the game after associating with an in-game hacker. 

Shroud jumped into a car with the hacker who had been using car-flying hacks during a match and although Shroud’s fans loved the hilarious video, PUBG wasn’t impressed. 

They issued Shroud with a 30 day ban for associating with a hacker, something which PUBG is strictly against. The hacker also received a ban.

At the time, Shroud told his viewers in a livestream: “It wasn’t a great idea. It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t a great idea. So I’m sorry to those peeps that are really upset with me.”  

Jumpcut to now, where it seems PUBG has failed to lift Shroud’s ban when it said it would, leading to lots of speculation about whether or not Shroud was now banned permanently. 

Shroud’s loyal fans flocked to the official PUBG Twitter to demand the reinstatement of his account, even joined by the man himself. 

Tweeting “#FREESHROUD,” Shroud got close to 4000 retweets and nearly 20,000 likes – something which PUBG really couldn’t ignore. 

Responding to the many pleas from the Twitch streamer and his fans, PUBG simply tweeted out: “K.” 

Pretty salty, PUBG! 

Fans are loving the exchange between PUBG and one its biggest and most well-known players. And of course, everyone’s pretty happy with the news of the unban. 

One Twitter user replied: “OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED.” 

Another added: “I’m digging this spicy #PUBG #FREESHROUDTOPLAYONXBOX.” 

It’s important to remember that Shroud was able to play PUBG during the ban, just not with his main account.

What do you think about Shroud’s banning and unbanning? Will you be watching his PUBG streams?