PUBG have Dropped Their Lawsuit against Fortnite

PUBG Corp. who are the developers of the very popular Battle royale game PUBG and have recently withdrawn their lawsuit against Epic Games. This Lawsuit was only taking place in Korea and was over concerns that Fortnite infringed upon PUBG’s intellectual property.

We are not sure why PUBG Corp. have stopped their lawsuit against Fortnite and we may not know for some time. Although there are a few theories out there as to why this whole thing took place.

One of these is that PUBG were doing this to deter other creators from making similar games to PUBG. There have been many ‘copycat’ games, on mobile especially, which seem to have simply recreated PUBG and called it something very similar. PUBG Corp. have also sued these games in the past and this move on Fortnite could be seen as a deterrent to small creators.

Another theory is that it was settled out of court and therefore doesn’t need to go ahead. In addition to this a company called Tencent, which is a Chinese firm, partly own both PUBG and Epic Games. This would mean they would be suing themselves to some extent.

Either way the lawsuit has been dropped and we can go back to dropping where-ever we like in either game!