PUBG Mobile Is Full Of Bots and Gamers Spotted it Instantly

Many people are jumping on the PUBG Mobile hype train as it has recently been released in the States and Canada. Many of these people are also winning their first game with a high number of kills.

Players have taken to Twitter to show off their victories on their first game on PUBG mobile. Some of these players are racking up 8 plus kills. Which is incredible for a mouse and keyboard user never mind someone who is using a touch screen.

(Sorry Chloe)

People believe this to be bots are in the game. Over on PC there are no bots so it is perfectly logical for people to assume they are fighting real players on mobile too.

This adding of bots to the game is believed to get people used to how the game works. Easing the player in to playing with a touch screen against easier enemies rather than throwing them in at the deep end. It is also claimed that the more the player plays the less bots they will encounter and the more players they will find.

I am leaning more towards that they want to get players hooked on the feeling of winning to keep them on the platform and to keep them playing. That feeling of achievement of winning a game of PUBG with 8-9 kills is always going to be a good thing, especially if the player doesn’t realise that the other players are actually bots.

If you won some of your first games with a load of kills, we are sorry to tell you that you aren’t as good as you think.

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