PUBG To Test Custom Matches But It Might Come At A Cost

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans are going to be happy, as PUBG Corp has announced that the long-awaited custom matches are being tested in an open beta.


Players have been begging for the ability to create custom matches, and the official word is that the mode will be available in patch 18. 

The good news is that, for now, any custom matchmaking will be free for players, but PUBG Corp did make it clear in a statement that might not always be the case. 

In its update notes on Steam, PUBG Corp wrote: “Creating custom matches won’t have an associated cost during this [beta] phase. 

“However, due to the extremely large amount of resources required to allow custom games to be available to all players, we may change this in the future to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the system remains sustainable long-term.” 

PUBG Corp is also asking for feedback from players on the idea, so you can definitely get your voice heard whether you’re for or against the potential plans. 

Although some fans aren’t too pleased about the suggestion of a paywall in place, people can’t help but be excited by the beta. 

Also in the update statement, PUBG explained: “When you create your own custom match, you can play PUBG your way. Customize every aspect of the game, from circle behaviour, item/vehicle spawn rates, to loadouts and more. 

“You can even create and customize War Mode and Zombie Mode game types, then invite as many (or few) players as you want to join.” 

Sounds like a customised game is going to bring some fire back into play for PUBG veterans!

It’s been clarified that custom games creation in the open beta will be limited to 10,000 concurrent running games to make sure the service stays stable. 

You can read the update notes in full here.