Quake Champions Has Just Been Made Free-To-Play 

QuakeCon 2018 has just kicked off in Texas, US, and we’ve already seen some incredibly exciting announcements from the top dogs at Bethesda. This year marks the 23rd QuakeCon (23 years!), and there are some excellent games being showcased this year. 

One of the highlights of the con’s keynote speech was the announcement that Quake Champions, one of the most popular shooting games of all-time, is now permanently free to play. 


Quake Champions was developed as something of a modern-day version of the original Quake FPS game, which has seen many variations since the original game first launched way back in 1996.

Quake Champions has been in early access since its announcement way back in 2016. 

The game reintroduces the classic heroes from the original Quake, along with id Software’s other main franchises, inviting characters from the wildly popular Wolfenstein and Doom into the mix. 

id and Bethesda Softworks announced the exciting news of the game’s new free-to-play status to some of the world’s biggest Quake fans, and of course the news was incredibly well-received. 

The only catch is add-ons like the game’s Champions Pack won’t be free, but if you’re keen then it’s on sale right now as part of Bethesda’s traditional (and much loved!) QuakeCon sales. 

There’s up to 75% off a load of games in the QuakeCon sales right now, which are available pretty much across the board, wherever you like to pick up your games from (including the Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and Steam stores). There’s excellent savings to be had on games like Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Doom, so if there’s a title you’ve been waiting for, now is the time to grab a bargain.

You can check out the brand-spanking-new trailer for Quake Champions below, which focuses mainly on the Quake’s Death Knight. 

YouTube video

Will you be picking up Quake Champions? What announcement were you most excited for at QuakeCon 2018?