QuakeCon Shows Off Doom Eternal Gameplay And It Looks Awesome 

QuakeCon 2018 is off to an excellent start, showing off some of the upcoming (and fantastic) games that we can’t wait to get our hands on. 

There are a tonne of games featured at the event which gamers are chomping at the bit to get more information on, including – of course – Fallout 76, but one of the most exciting games is Doom Eternal. 

Fans of the series have been asking for a new Doom game for a while now, and with the announcement of Doom Eternal back in June of this year it’s about time we got some more details on what’s one of the most highly-anticipated titles in a good few years. 

id Software and Bethesda proudly showcased some of the immaculate-looking gameplay, and honestly it really looks like they’ve got something special on their hands. 

In the new addition to the franchise, players will be able to control a demon and wreak havoc in the campaigns of other players, even offering the ability to team up with other demons to create a party of slayer-hunters. 

Other changes made from the wildly-successful 2016 reboot of Doom include new weapons (including the very cool-looking Ballista and the terrifying meat hook) and new enemy designs.  

Reimagined versions of specific enemies will inhabit their new vamped-up world, with a renewed focus on the lore of what the devs called a “Doom universe.” 

YouTube video

There’s also been some updates to combat, with the added idea of having demons slowly perish the more hits a player gets in. 

The aesthetic of Eternal doesn’t stray too far from its roots though, looking as polished as any AAA of today, with something that makes the game look a lot more…Doom.

Maybe they’re taking some inspiration from Dark Souls, perhaps? 

Showing off some concept art, a new trailer and finally – the glorious gameplay, QuakeCon is off to the best start possible. 

We can’t wait for Doom Eternal!