Rabbids Have Invaded For Honor, But Only Temporarily

It may be April Fool’s day, but Ubisoft isn’t kidding with its latest announcement, despite how ridiculous it might sound.

Taking to Twitter, Ubisoft confirmed that Rabbids, the loveable/annoying precursor to Minions, have now invaded For Honor.

Credit: Ubisoft

Starting from now up until April 1 at 9 PM PT / midnight ET, For Honor players can take on hoards of Rabbids in place of the game’s standard enemies and the results are, frankly, hilarious.

And Ubisoft tweeted a little more proof that this isn’t a prank.

The limited-time event isn’t just here for April Fool’s – it’s actually a part of For Honor‘s Year 3 content updates.

Ubisoft has said it will be releasing even more Year 3 content – including seasonal events – which sounds pretty exciting.

Credit: Ubisoft

Check out some of the Rabbid-y gameplay below!

If you want to give the new Rabbids mode a go then you’ll have to act fast. Rabbids have got other games to spring up in y’know.

Credit: Ubisoft

So far, fans are seriously loving the Rabbids and the fresh change the little crazy fuzzies have brought into the game.

Will you be trying out this incredibly weird and wonderful For Honor and Rabbids collab?



Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft