Red Dead Redemption 2 has a brand new singleplayer expansion

Players of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption can play through a new single-player campaign with their own character, thanks to this mod.

Since the announcement from Rockstar that all their attention was going to be put on GTA6 and GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption fans have been starved of content. This was felt especially hard by the most dedicated of fans, when players of Red Dead Redemption Online held a funeral in the game on July 13th.

It still seems strange that a game as big as RDR2, has received no DLC. Its online counterpart hasn’t even had a major update since July 2021.

With GTA6 closer than ever, a fan has taken it upon themselves to create their own new content. Created by CruelMasterMC, their mod, Life Of Crime, is a brand new single-player campaign for RDR2.

“The whole point of the mod is to play as a completely NEW character with all of your weapons and money being removed that is designed by you (using mp male or female), NOT to play as Arthur or John”, CruelMasterMC states in the mod description.

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Create Your Own Cowboy

Credit: CruelMasterMC.

The mod allows you to create your own character. This isn’t a new adventure for RDR protagonists Arthur and John. It’s an adventure for you to shape in your own way. Getting to create your cowboy, is something I hoped would be the case for the next future RDR game.

There’s even a brand new story for your character, that sees them breaking out of Siska Penitentiary, and escaping on a boat to start their brand new life of crime.

When you reach the shores of your new destination, the title credits ‘Life Of Crime’ appear, like something out of a real AAA game opening. CruelMasterMC has gone to great lengths to make this mod feel like an official addition to the game.

“While you play on in the game you can earn all of the weapons by buying them from a gunsmith or finding them anywhere on the map, and earn more money from doing missions and such to pay for these things and many more things I plan on adding”, modder CruelMasterMC explains.

New additions have also been implemented to improve the mod. There’s now a skill tree, ranks, a train heist and the mod now includes its very own intro.

While it’s likely that we’ll never see big additions to Red Dead Redemption, and its online counterpart, RDO, thankfully we have people out there like CruelMasterMc.

If Rockstar won’t provide us with new content for our favourite games, there are always hard-working modders out there creating it instead.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games. Source: PCGamer.

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