Reddit Celebrates 67 Year Old After Earning First Ever Platinum Trophy

A 67-year-old gamer has been celebrated on Reddit after achieving their first platinum PlayStation trophy with Bend Studio’s Days Gone.

Image of zombie fight in Days Gone
Credit: SIE Bend Studio

Trophies and achievements are an important part of the world of gaming. Not only do they help you track your progress when completing a game, but they also act as a sort of accolade for the time dedicated to your favourite games.

To some adults, such trivial things might seem like a waste of time or something that kids without jobs care about. This is, of course, a load of old rubbish, with this awesome 67-year-old gamer proving that age is but a number when it comes to gaming victory.

days gone
Credit: SIE Bend Studio

In a Reddit post titled “[Days Gone] 1st ever Platinum for this 67 yo lady!”, a Reddit user by the name of lzxian has shared their pride over completing the game Days Gone and achieving a Platinum trophy.

The 67-year old detailed their experience after being encouraged to share the story on Reddit:

“I got the Platinum in Days Gone today and a comment on the DG sub said I should post this here…

“I’m terrible at shooters and in Days Gone there are those hordes of hundreds to kill! Yet I persevered because the game is so fun. After completing the game I went on and cleared all the hordes and saw I was close to Platinum…so I persevered some more and Bam! I finally got the nitro drift to work (for the last thing I needed – took me about 45 min altogether between last night and today!)

Days gone image
Credit: SIE Bend Studio

The user added: “Don’t know why this makes me feel so proud, but it does 😀

After an outpour of love from fellow gamers, the OP added the following to their post: “Thanks for all the encouragement, recommendations and awards! You guys made this achievement so much better than I could have imagined! You all ROCK! <3 <3 <3”

Reddit’s response to the Days Gone fan’s story is nothing short of heartwarming, with many players congratulating the Reddit user, as well as acknowledging their age. This story stands as a testament to the fact that gaming is for everyone and is a legitimate form of entertainment for all ages. 

It’s fantastic to see more and more demographics enjoying the wonderful world of video games. Hopefully, this gamer and many others will go on to achieve even more gaming victories throughout their retirement!

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Featured Image Credit: Bend Studio