Reddit User Reveals ‘Secret’ To Winning Every Apex Legends Match

With millions upon millions of players now regularly logging into Apex Legends, people are on the hunt for any tips, tricks and hacks (but not cheats) to become the best in their matches.

Over on Reddit’s r/apexlegends subreddit, a user by the name of JimothyElric shared a story about the best way to get guaranteed XP in the game, and players can’t get enough of it.

Credit: Reddit/JimothyElric

The thread is now saturated with jokes and memes, and it’s absolutely worth checking out.

In response, one Apex player writes: “I have also struggled with my aim and accuracy. I was starting to lose all hope, i tried everything. Countless hours in aimhero and in the training room. But nothing worked form me. I was so close to just becoming a Health drone dispenciary.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

“But then i saw it, the advice that would change my life. ‘Just click on the head LOOOOOL’ I was perplexed, i could not believe it. Could this be the answer? Would this save me from a lifelong addiction of ultimate accelerator ?

“I was so eager to test it out, and to my great surprise, it worked. I went from a lowly 50 average damage per round to 5600 and 40 kill average. I now have eight cars, five girlfriends on three different continents and a penthouse apartment in NYC.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

From there the whole thread just descends into chaos. Check it out in full here. 

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment