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Reddit Wants Cyberpunk 2077’s 100% Completion Trophy To Be Called ‘You’re Breathtaking’


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CD Projekt Red’s upcoming dystopian RPG Cyberpunk 2077 stole the show at E3 2019 earlier this month.

Introduced by special guest (and special human), Keanu Reeves, Cyberpunk 2077 was given a new trailer, a release date and we got the news that Reeves is playing one of the biggest characters in the game.

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The moment Reeves stepped out on stage was always going to be iconic, but then a meme was born.

An audience member shouted to Reeves: “You’re breathtaking,” to which Reeves responded: “YOU’RE breathtaking!”

It made E3 just so darn wholesome and it’s become one of the best memes of all time (I want it on a T-shirt).


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Thanks to the success of Reeves’ accidental meme, Cyberpunk fans have asked for CD Projekt Red to actually change the game’s 100% completion trophy title to – you guessed it – “You’re Breathtaking!”

A viral tweet on the matter by user @SkillUpYT has since blown up on Reddit, where nearly 50 thousand upvotes have been given in support of the idea.

Whether or not the meme will make it into the game remains to be seen, but here’s hoping! Hey, maybe CD Projekt Red has already incorporated it somehow…

I FULLY SUPPORT THIS lmao from r/cyberpunkgame

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that Reeves doesn’t have a minor role to play in Cyberpunk 2077, but that he actually has the second-biggest speaking role, second only to the playable character of V.

CD Projekt Red added that he completed 15 days of voice recording, so get ready to see and hear a lot from the veteran action actor.

Reeves will be playing a character by the name of Johnny Silverhand, presumably because of that bit shiny hand of his. In addition to his appearance and voice, Reeves is also providing full-body motion capture for the character, and from what we’ve seen so far it’s looking like some seriously impressive stuff.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

In an interview with BBC NewsBeat, Reeves gave a little information about the character he’s playing, saying: “I’m kind of a guide. You know, you have to do something, but Johnny wants you to do something too. There’s this…Am I your friend? Am I a foe? Am I really helping you? Am I not helping you? Are you in my way?”

Cyberpunk 2077
Credit: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, April 16, 2020.

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